• FARMASI UK represents a pioneering opportunity, fueled by luxury products of superior quality yet reasonably priced, a concept we refer to as 'affordable luxury' This venture is set to make waves not just in the direct sales arena but also across the entire retail landscape of the United Kingdom. The driving force behind this opportunity is a proven, rewarding business model, complemented by a dynamic, inspiring, and positive community culture.
    • Our aim is to revolutionize the beauty, wellness, and skincare sectors, placing our Beauty Influencers at the heart of major global socioeconomic movements currently shaping the world

    What is FARMASI official pre-registration and when will it begin?

    • The official pre-registration for FARMASI UK is set to commence in mid-December.
    • This pre-registration phase opens up an opportunity for residents of the UK to join as UK Beauty Influencers. Keep an eye out at the start of December for an exciting announcement about incentives related to pre-registration!

    What is the target date for FARMASI to commence selling products?

    We anticipate the launch to take place in the first week of February with a launch event happening
    sometime in mid-February.

    When is my potential BEAUTY INFLUENCER officially signed up under me?

    The official pre-registration is your first chance to secure a signup. The binding relationship occurs when the UK pre-registration or UK registration is completed.

    Where will the products be shipped from?

    The products will be shipped by our 3rd-party logistics partner from our Poland Distribution Center.